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Tune, Touch, Tone, three areas of piano service:

Tune - Tuning is the tension adjustment of the more than 200 strings in the piano to achieve the optimum of clarity and blend of pitch. Each instrument is tuned slightly differently due to different lengths and gauges of strings used. It takes not only a trained ear to bring out the best tuning for each unique piano, but also, a trained physical technique for setting the strings in place for optimal stability.  Also, in dealing with older instruments where strings and structure can be brittle, Jay’s 25+ years experience assures that the piano will be treated in a way that avoids possible damage.

Touch - The piano has many moving parts referred to as the “action” and “back action”, which are linked to or include the keyboard. These parts have screws, springs, pins and felts which are adjustable. When properly “regulated” these parts provide a consistent feel or “touch” and optimize the control that the player has with the dynamics of the music as the keys and pedals are played and released. Unfortunately, these adjustments are performed all too infrequently, or even improperly, but Jay takes the time to assess the touch and offer reasonable estimates to improve it. The rewards can be very noticeable, even for the beginner pianist.

Tone - Sometimes, improvements to the “tone” of the piano can be just as significant to the overall sound quality of the instrument as is the tuning. “Tone” is defined primarily by the way that the hammer hits the string due to its hardness, quality and/ or alignment. With years of feedback and detailed attention to this area of piano technology, Jay is able to optimize the beauty of sound inherent to each piano. “Voicing” is the altering of these aspects, primarily, but not completely, through needling of the hammer felt at just the right places, in just the right amount. Improper voicing can permanently damage the piano’s tone. Proper voicing techniques are critical for the successful concert piano preparation Jay has performed.