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Pianos are built primarily of wood and felt, materials which wear with use and time. Wood expands and contracts with humidity changes, and ultimately fatigues often to the point of splitting. Wood piano parts such as soundboards and bridges often exhibit these symptoms and the related tonal problems of buzzing and poor sound conduction.  Felt parts such as hammers which strike the strings will eventually wear down to the point where they cannot produce a pleasant tone.  Jay opened the imagiTONE studio in Easthampton to address these issues to restore pianos to original, or better, condition.

Related Services:

  • Sales - Perfectly Good Pianos!
  • Estimates - Before any piano repair or rebuilding work is started Jay will provide all possible options and their cost estimates.  You will have a clear idea of the results of all repairs discussed.
  • Storage - the imagiTONE studio provides heated storage.
  • Moving- Piano moving is provided or subcontracted as necessary.
  • Humidity control system installation - Jay is a certified expert for the installation of Dampp-chaser humidity control systems to prevent the formation of wood fatigue, wood cracking and premature need for rebuilding as well as to achieve optimum tuning stability.